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I help you heal your soil!

My name is Kane and I'm The Soil Guy! I am a landscaper by trade and enthusiastic gardener and farmer in my personal time. I am passionate about bringing non-toxic, all-natural solutions to farmers, gardeners, and home-owners.

I want everyone to know that when you work in harmony with nature, you don't have to sacrifice yields or aesthetics when you go organic!

I am a trained Soil Lab Technician and I am an expert on harnessing the power of soil microbiota to transform the health of your soil and plants. I was trained by Dr. Elaine Ingham to asses the microbial health of your soil, also known as "the soil-food web", and to make balanced and tested probiotic solutions that have been proven to reduce weeds and pests, and increase aeration, water retention, and yield.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the soil food web. 

Kane, The Soil Guy, stands next to his truck with the tray open, filled with his electric landscaping equipment. Kane is very good looking.


My goal is to provide sustainable and ecologically thoughtful lawn and garden care at a reasonable price. I believe that when you work with the health of the soil, you don't have to sacrifice yields and aesthetics for sustainability, and the right balance and diversity of microorganisms in your soil-food web will produce robust and resilient plants. My organic applications are ideal if you have kids, pets, or are concerned about the presence of toxins in the environment. 

I use primarily up-to-date electric equipment that are much quieter and safer for the environment. 

A wooden raised garden bed filled with plants


I’ve been working as a trusted Victoria-based Landscape Gardener for five years, and I care deeply about cultivating beautiful and functional landscapes. As a Landscape Gardener, I’m committed to two main principles: providing the highest level of service I can, and ensuring that my prices remain competitive and affordable. I am unique in that I focus on the health of your soil and environment, and I use all electric equipment. This focus on regenerative gardening practices and my level of service is why so many of my clients keep coming back and are happy to recommend me to others.

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