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Biological Fertilizer Packages

Natural fertilizers
weed/pest control

Keep your plants healthy and pest free with all-natural biological fertilizers. 

These liquid applications restore the normal ecology in the soil to allow optimal nutrient cycling and a balanced food-web.

This is the simplest way to regenerate your soil and create healthy, disease-free plants! Conventional fertilizers and pest/weed management harm the health of the soil and only mask the symptoms of your problems, creating a dependency on those products. Biological solutions heal the root cause of your plants health issues by restoring the normal functions of healthy soil and creating a self-sustaining system.

Biological fertilizers have been shown to:

  • increase plant health

  • reduces weed pressure

  • reduce disease such as mildew

  • increase water retention in the soil

  • improve yields 

  • improves nutrient density of food and herbs

Biological Fertilizer Packages

  • Premium Regenerative Fertilizer Package (Spring lawn & garden spray and Fall compost application)

  • Lawn & Garden (3 applications in the Spring to lawn and garden)

  • Lawn package (3 applications in the Spring to lawn only)

  • Tree Sprays

  • Pest control


Prices are based on property size. REQUEST A QUOTE today!


Biological fertilizers are probiotic liquid applications that return a balanced microbiome to the soil.


I produce small batches of thermophilic compost that I test to ensure the presence of essential microbes. The microbes, along with humic and fulvic acids, and other water soluble nutrients, are then extracted into a water solution to create a Biological Fertilizer (aka "compost tea on crack") to be sprayed on your garden. 

You may have even heard of compost tea, or perhaps even tried it before with varying results. Well, what I'm offering is totally different and I'll tell you WHY!


You see, most compost tea is UNTESTED. This means that compost is made and extracted without any guarantees of what is inside it. First of all, compost can be poorly made and can contain pathogenic, anaerobic species of microorganisms OR can lack the diversity that plants really need. If this poorly made compost is then extracted for a liquid application, you may be applying the wrong organisms to your garden.


This is why I examine samples of my compost and liquid extracts under the microscope to guarantee the biological ratios. Proper testing can make all the difference and can get you consistent results, every time!

Read more about the Soil Food Web HERE

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